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First Name Garry
Last Name Draper
Phone 0410585553
Raynor Massage Therapy
Country Australia
State/Province Queensland
Distance from you: 15,804 Kilometers
Address Mermaid Beach QLD, Australia

Life Changing massage. A fusion of Raynor, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Balinese, thai massage techniques.The main thing that makes my service unique and effective is the intent. I don’t finish the treatment until I am positive the client has experienced a release from the tension that brought them to me in the first place. Treatment durations are rarely under 90 minutes. Many of my clients come to me after failing to find relief from their physiotherapist. I take the time to dive right in and get to the cause of whats causing them discomfort. It simply takes time and intent to resolve these issues as many clients don’t know themselves where the pain is really coming from – all they know is they are feeling terrible and need help. It’s immensely satisfying to help people in their greatest hour of need. I have no doubt that there is nothing else I could be doing which could have as profound an effect on people than what I am now doing.