Terry Masson

Raynor Massage Kelowna


First Name Terry
Last Name Masson
Email mass.on.massage@gmail.com
Phone 250 681 8834
Business Name Raynor Massage Kelowna
Website Visit Link Here
Raynor Massage Therapy
Country Canada
State/Province British Columbia
Distance from you: 12,064 Kilometers
Address 247 Lawrence Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 6L2

Our specialty is to remove all 4 levels of tension: Thinking, Physical, Emotional and Traumatic. Here’s how our trained Raynor Massage Specialists work to resolve your mind and body stress:

Thinking Layer of Tension – Slow mind chatter, ease the active mind and calm anxious thoughts.

Physical Layer of Tension – Seek to resolve aches, pains, posture imbalances, soreness, tight muscles, vehicle accident and chronic injuries, and other physical medical conditions.

Emotional Layer of Tension – Identify how emotional tension manifests into mental and physical issues (how “dis-ease” can often develop into “disease”). Release emotional tension by massaging the abdomen, feet, knees, hands, hips, head and/or chest.

Traumatic Tension – Ease the effects of long-term tension on the cellular structure of the mind and body, often a result of a life-threatening situation, such as a horrific car accident, physical or sexual assault, or loss of loved one. Massage has been very successful in helping to lessen the symptoms and effects of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Debilitating Anxiety and many other physical and mental ailments triggered by severe trauma.