About Us

The International Natural Therapies Association (INTA) is entirely devoted to the needs of Raynor massage practitioners and natural therapies practitioners. We use our time, money and resources to ensure that our members’ interests are represented in all matters related to government legislation on massage and natural therapies; and that they receive current information from our school.

International Natural Therapies Association (INTA) has been in existence since 2001; our mission is fourfold:

  1. To be of service to our massage and natural therapies practitioners through continued education and support; to help our members generate client referrals for their business; and to promote comradery among our practitioners.
  2. To be of assistance to the general public by making our members accessible by searching our database of qualified natural therapies professionals. All of our members are certified practitioners having demonstrated knowledge in one or more of courses at Brandon Raynor’s School of Massage and Natural Therapies, and must adhere to our code of conduct to safeguard the public.
  3. To promote the Raynor massage profession and natural therapies through education and demonstration of its benefits as preventive care, health maintenance and rejuvenation. To keep the standards high for our members so that they may rise to the occasion and become leaders in the healthcare industry.
  4. To bridge the communication between our massage practitioners and other health professionals for a holistic approach to health.